Aline Fourier Studio

Copyright © 1999-2016 Aline Fourier

"Believing in myself to share what is borne inside."

My art celebrates the supremacy of the imagination. My work is about the quiet and dynamic connections of all living things. The paintings are a meditative view of the world and a translation of emotions, dreams and the unconscious. They are an evocative combination of abstraction and realism that explore the subtlety of spirit in nature.

I use a variety of mediums (mixed media, photographic collage, pen & ink and watercolor, oils, pastels and encaustic), each chosen to reflect the unseen, the soft edges, the light and shadow of the physical landscape. If we squint our eyes we can see that one thing disappears into another, with no beginning and no end. My paintings communicate organic and feminine glimpses of our connectedness to the earth.

The Sacred Chamber, in which art belongs, becomes center stage for visual artist Aline Fourier, heralding participation, color variegation softens the viewer’s eyes into momentary cognition. Artistic intention resounds within the reflective moment found: a gentle respite in our present world of “Whirl Is King.” Reflection graces Fourier’s generous reminder within a sagacious pilgrimage home...Indeed, the Sacred Chamber, a matter of the heart.”

“The Fourier Vision–
The depth of serenity required to enrich our soul to become more fully human is inherent in Fourier’s work. The vital need for a meditative view of the world found within each courageous visual act reveals her visual communication: envisions hope...replaces fear. The art becomes a gentle offering.”

Review by Art Critic/Writer Sarah Franklin Henderson
Curator: Museum Installation “Reflection”
University of California, Berkeley Division of Art and Science
Blackhawk, California
Owner/CEO/Director: Soma Fine Art Press, Est. 1978 San Francisco, California