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Curry, Korma & Kebab

A Culinary Journey of India ©2016
by Chef Paddy Rawal

Move away from the traditional and classical Indian recipes found in every other cookbook and refresh your repertoire with a wider variety of dishes, tastes and flavors in “Curry, Korma & Kebab.” The recipes are an adventure into India, from the remote to some of the most popular culinary locations on the globe. Executive Chef Paddy Rawal grew up in a family of seven in Bombay (Mumbai) India. Seeing his mother spend so much time cooking prompted him to occasionally take over the kitchen. Who would have known this humble start would lead to such a renowned career as a chef? Paddy attended university and then culinary school to study the basics of culinary skills. Later, working with master chefs, he was able to create Indian foundation sauces such as korma, saffron and vindaloo, which remain his passion. To Paddy, herbs and spices have always been the key ingredients, as is clearly demonstrated in his creative and unique combinations. Working as a chef in India, Egypt, London, Dubai and Australia and in the film industry expanded his culinary and hospitality acumen. In 2001, Paddy moved to the U.S., this land of opportunity, with a hundred dollars in his pocket. He became indispensable to his food service employers. Following his father’s advice to “do whatever you do with commitment and passion,” Paddy has always been a focused and diligent entrepreneur and enjoys the fruits of his labors as executive chef of the modern Indian cuisine restaurant Raaga (sweet melody) in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Perhaps the only thing he is as passionate about as food are people. Interacting with satisfied guests is imperative to him.

Curry, Korma & Kebab is available for sale at Raaga, Santa Fe, for $33.