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This is a reprint from La Joie, In Appreciation of All Animals

The Night The Fox Danced
by Aline Fourier
from December 1992/January 1993

This is a story about the magic of the moment when everyone and everything is in perfect harmony and connection. There is a real sense of wonder and awe and delight. There is a feeling of being in the right moment, a perfect part of the weaving of the tapestry of life, and all the participants are the threads, just the right colors meeting in perfect pattern. There is an ease, majesty and joy as we all meet for the dance.

There was a time when we all gathered together to celebrate the change of seasons. We gathered to welcome the shifting rhythms of the Mother Earth. This was one of those moments.

The marsh was aglow with moonlight, a light that seemed to shine on every blade of grass, a glow that whispered magic in every corner of this natural haven. There was a spirit of preparation that filled our home as we had invited a friend to celebrate with us the Winter Solstice and the decorating of our Christmas tree. This longest night of the year felt full, like the moon that shone over the salt marsh outside our window. There was a fire in our wood stove that matched the warmth we felt within. We all seemed to move slowly, in perfect rhythm to some orchestration beyond our physical sense of hearing.

We had decorated the tree, prepared our dinner and watched the rising of the Full Moon. Its glow filled us and we spontaneously decided to decorate a branch outside our front door in honor of this beautiful night. We created stars and a moon and draped white lights over the branch and we could feel the delight building as we laughed and played with the adorning of this branch, honoring the Winter Solstice.

After dinner, full and radiant, we all fell to watching the moon's dance on the marsh. Music playing in the background, we lay on pillows watching the night, the stars and this magic glow that made the night almost appear as day. The breath of nature seemed suspended in the stillness behind motion. Suddenly, we saw movement and clearly a golden fox was slowly making its way into the middle of the marsh. At first it appeared to be stalking some prey, but its movements began to relax as it suddenly arched its back and jumped into the air. We again watched with clear amazement, thinking that it was still in a hunting mode. Once again the fox arched and jumped into the air, again and yet again, moving with rhythm and grace, circling nowhere. What started as stalking movements developed into a dance, yes a dance that continued to delight us for more than a half hour! The moon shone down on this wondrous dance and in the expressions of joy on our faces as we squealed with delight.

I do hope that we remember those rituals that reinforce our connectedness with all life. The Winter Solstice is a moment to rejoice in the hopes for new life to come, a time to align the rhythms of our bodies with the rhythms of nature and to dance with all Life and the Mother Earth who supports our living. It is a dance of beauty and we are thankful to share in the moments of its rhythm. Thank you, dear Fox, for reminding us in your dance about the art of Oneness.