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Spirit * Magic * Light

A Visionary Meditation for Enlightenment ©2016
by James F. Jereb, PhD

Spirit * Magic * Light, A Visionary Meditation for Enlightenment is a compilation of a body of paintings by James F. Jereb, Ph.D., visionary artist and founder of Stardreaming. The 113 paintings in this book are for all spiritual seekers who want to recover sacred wisdom and awaken a shift in human consciousness. James Jereb’s primary spiritual guide in this journey was Lord Ganesha, who prophesized that he would create a matrix of color, light and sound to raise consciousness. This body of work is the magnitude of that transmission. When viewing the images in this book, one is reminded of what the Ancients thought was the purpose of visual arts, to awaken and remind us of the origin of the soul in the Divine world of no boundaries and no limitations. For this journey of exploration, we need nothing more than our hearts and minds to be open to all possibilities. Simply, Live in your Magic and Reach for the Stars!

James Jereb's hardcover book is available at for $100.